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HDPE Pipes Have a Great Future

What is it that makes High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes such a craze among pipe manufacturers? Answer to that question is this material increases the longevity of the pipes. It protects them from corrosion and makes them absolutely immune to aging. That is the reason the history of the usage of these HDPE pipes is 49 years old.

These pipes were first used in various countries in all over Europe. However, the kind of HDPE that is used these days is far more sophisticated and has better resistance against corrosion. It is seen that a pipe that was buried since 1982 was protected from aging thanks to what some industry experts call second generation HDPE.

The PEX pipes that have this kind of polyethylene not only last longer than ordinary metal pipes but preserve all kinds of antioxidants has made these pipes so unique. They have a great resistance towards water pressure.

This is the reason that most of the house owners are now a days going for plastic pipes. Apart from their practical purpose these pipes also have an economical side as well. These pipes are not at all expensive and thus will help you save some money.

These HDPE pipes are also very easy to install. You will not have to have a Herculean strength to install them. They are very lightweight, which makes it easier also to carry them. These qualities definitely make these pipes ideal for homes as well as business houses. Polyethylene pipes are better from pipes that are made of steel or concrete. It can be said that this kind of pipes have taken construction to a new level and they are the latest trends of the day.

In 2008 when the pipe industry saw a decline of about 15 percent in the United Sates the sales of HDPE pipes also came down but they stayed ahead in comparison to that of PVC pipes. This shows the kind of favorable image this kind of pipes have. Moreover, according to a survey it is very much expected that the market of these HDPE pipes will see an increase in demand by at least 10 percent. The corrugated HDPE pipe market too is expected to rise by 15 percent.

Considering all these scenarios the suppliers and manufacturers of HDPE pipes have enough reason to even in this tough financial time. This is a technology that really has a very bright future.


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PEX—Ideal for All Kinds of Climates

No matter where you stay, under what type of climate, your plumbing can be safe. All you will need to do is to make sure that you use pipes made by PEX. This is one material that makes pipes strong and secure. But at the same time your pipes will be flexible enough that you can use them the way you please.

PEX can protect your plumbing any keep out all types of dusts, rains, and other kinds of environmental hazards that can destroy the safety of your room water. This is the reason that there are companies that manufacture special PEX products that would keep out such unhealthy things from the user’s plumbing installation.

It is also seen that in cold climates where water run the risk of freezing the use of PEX makes sure that the water remains in its natural state. This is because the material protects the water from the outside influences.

At the same time PEX pipes are also used to transfer cold water to those countries that have hot climates. In this case too PEX protects the water from being influenced by the outside temperature. It keeps the water cold and provides some relief to the people of those hot nations.

The special quality of the material PEX makes it the ideal component to help in the transportation of water in various countries. That is why many countries make sure that their water pipelines are made of PEX.

This shows how much technological progress is made in this plumbing equipment market. After the invention of PEX this market has moved ahead in leaps and bounds. Still there are some experts who say that it is better not to use this technology to install pipes outside. It is also believed that the progress in the field of polymer has made it easier to make PEX so efficient.

Indoors is the best place to use this technology. It will be safer and will also help you to get good attention and publicity. This facility is also in demand in various sports complex.

PEX have very few joints and that means you will not have too much plumbing problems. The reason is maximum of the plumbing related problems are connected to the number of joints and that is why it is also less vulnerable in too hot or too cold climate.

So, you can definitely buy PEX pipes and tubes that will make your home look a sweeter and cozier place.

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What Makes PEX different from Metals

PEX has finally snatched the primary spot of top plumbing materials from copper and brass. Right now this cross-linked polyethylene has created inroads to the homes and hearts of common people. The reason behind its successful capturing of the market can be attributed to a few factors. Let us take a look at them.

Copper and brass both are metals and that is why they run a high risk of corrosion. The risk of corrosion gets starker when you use water pipes that are made of either of these two materials. Moreover, these metal pipes will also leave their smell into the water. His definitely pollutes the water. Earlier no one had any answer to these incidents but now thanks to PEX these problems sound like, something distant.

Copper and brass pipes are made on a budget nearing hundred just to commute from our house to the bus stand. In addition to this during the installation of these pipes you have to be near them and should be able to see these changes that are coming to them. However, now thanks to PEX you need not to do anything. You can relax and enjoy pollution free water.

When it comes to longevity PEX outlasts its two rivals. It is also less expensive and needs almost no maintenance cost. This also means that you will not have to spend a large sum of money to make these materials run properly. The increasing prices of copper and brass have also worked against them.

PEX makes the whole plumbing affair a smooth sailing process. Pipes, and tubes made by this material are very easy to install. PEX is absolutely ideal for radiant heating systems. The flexibility of this plastic makes it open for use all the time.

Most importantly neither copper nor brass are environment friendly. PEX is known for its qualities that do not harm the environment at all. On the contrary it saves a good amount of energy from getting wasted.

PEX is ideal for home use because it will save water for you, which is a must during the months of scorching summer. You can save up to 30 percent to 40 percent of water by installing one such piping facility in your house.

PEX is ideal for cold countries, as it will never freeze. This is due to its ability to adapt itself to the changing temperature of water. This quality is absent in the tubes made of metals.

Thanks to all these factors the plastic market now has the maximum potential for growth.

GTGlobe Industries is a manufacturer of PEX tubing, manifolds, and fittings for potable water plumbing and radiant floor heating systems.

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Pex Installation


Whether for potable water, radiant heating systems, or industrial use, installing GTPEX®  is always fast and easy.

Here is our unique GTPEX®  4-Step Installation Guide:

1. CUT pex

Cut the GTPEX®  pipe at a 90º angle using the appropriate PEX cutter, such as our GTCut tool.

2. INSERTpex tubing

Insert the ring onto the pipe at about 1/8” from the end. Insert the fitting into the GTPEX®    pipe until the pipe end tightly reaches the shoulder of the fitting.

3. CRIMPpex

Make sure the ring is still 1/8” from the end of the PEX pipe. Use the appropriate tool (such as GTCrimp) to crimp
the ring over the pipe until the tool is completely closed.

4. TESTpex installation

Test the crimp ring with the “Go-No-Go” tool to make sure the crimp pressure is satisfactory.

To do this, use the appropriate tool size and slide it directly
onto the crimp ring according to the crimp tool instructions. Do not slide the “Go-No-Go” tool on the PEX up to the ring.
If the crimp ring fits inside the end of the “GO” side, then your crimp passes the test and you may move to the next fitting.
If the crimp fits inside the end of the “NO GO” side of the tool, the crimp ring is over-crimped; remove the fitting and start
over with step 1. Before restarting, the crimp tool must be recalibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The 4-step installation is now complete.

If you need more information on the installation of GTPEX®, please contact us at 1-877-GTGLOBE.

About GTGlobe Industries GTGlobe Industries

GTGlobe Industries manufactures high Quality PEX and Radiant PEX Tubing and Fittings.Reputed worldwide, the manufacturing of the GTGlobe Industries products are based on 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Certified and approved in over 20 countries, we are constantly looking to improve our production techniques and to develop new products. We are committed to commercializing the best range of dimensions, with pipes from 3/8” to 6” in diameter.

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