How to Use PEX Tubing

The word PEX has now become quite common among people who are into plumbing and tubing. This is an acronym that means crosslinked polyethylene. It is one of the most secure and long lasting materials that can make your home a better place to live in. Apart from homes PEX tubing is used in various offices as well. This material is also resistant to chlorine thus making drinking water really safe. That is why it is used in many homes in Europe and in the US.

These days tube makers are using PEX instead of other tube constructing materials like copper, iron, plastic, and lead. PEX tubing happens when High Density Polyethylene polymer is used making the tubes even stronger and giving them longevity. Its strength is unmatched even by copper or iron tubes.

In addition to this strength what makes this kind of tubing more popular is the flexibility and safety attached to it. This material does not get corrupted easily. It is also immune to scaling. That is why in many house PEX tubing is used to supply water. It keeps the water clean and drinkable.

PEX tubes come in various sizes but the most popular among them is CTS-OD. In case you want to make your PEX tubes look colorful there are several varieties to choose from. In some houses or institutions red and blue colored pipes are used to signify hot and cold water systems.

The use of PEX tubing is pretty common in those countries where temperatures remain below zero most of the times. It is so sturdy that it can also be used in those places where temperature often reaches up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93.3 degrees Celsius. That is why it is used in hydronic radiant heating system, and in slow melting apparatuses. In fact ice rinks and refrigeration warehouse too have PEX tubing.

This particular flexibility of use can be achieved due to the easy expansion and contraction of the molecules that make this chemically made tubes. The use of PEX tubing is also increasing because it is also environment friendly.

Moreover, PEX tubing also decreases the total number of fittings that is done in a residential house in order to build a supply lien for waters. This whole process definitely saves a lot of energy from being wasted. The less the fittings the lesser time you will have to spend waiting for the water reaching to the shower from the tap.

These usages only prove the high efficiency of PEX.


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